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(Includes the Artillery [Long] Luger, Luger, P38, PPK, Sauer & Sohn, Mauser Pistol, and Dreyse Pistol)

(Includes the G-43, K98k, 98a, 98b, Gew98, KKW, Insert Barrel 24, and VG-1)

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Long (Artillery) Luger Operators Manual - WW1 Military Issue
Anleitung zur langen Pistole 08 mit ansteckbarem Trommelmagazin
Instruction for the long Pistole 08 with Insertable Drum Magazine
A 1917 military manual "Only for Service Use" for the 8inch barreled Artillery Luger.
This manual does not break much new ground for the Luger itself,
mainly because the below Luger manual (H.Dv. 255) is so thorough.
What is unique about this manual is the information about the 32 round Drum "Snail" Magazine.
Loading, unloading, carrying, disassembly and assembly of the Drum Magazine are covered, as well as the basics for the Pistol.
The original manual is referenced on pages 115-116 of Jan Stills book Imperial Lugers. Paperback, 24 pages.
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Table of Contents --- page 31
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Luger Operators Manual - WW2 Military Issue
H. Dv. 255 - Pistole 08 - A 1936 Wehrmacht issued manual on the Luger.
Mostly text, with a thorough explanation of the parts and their functions, as well as a sequence of operation
that is the best that the author has seen for any pistol, a parts listing with individual parts identified,
and a cut-away view of the Luger 08 pistol. A surprisingly informative manual for its size and shows the easy
way to disassemble and assemble this classic pistol. This one is a must have for the Luger owner.
The original manual is referenced on page 210 of Jan Stills book Axis Pistols. Paperback, 30 pages.
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page 11 --- page 25 --- page 27
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Denckler Luger Operators Manual - Denckler Die Pistole 08.
Another manual from the Denckler series.
Nicely illustrated and detailed, showing the usual disassembly and parts identification, as well as shooting techniques
such as point shooting (quick shots). The manual above (H.Dv. 255) is more technical in its explanation of
how the gun works, but this manual is much better illustrated. 28 pages
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Table of Contents --- page 10 --- page 21 ---
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