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U-Boat Commander Handbook - WW2 Military Issue 1942 reprint 1943
M.Dv No. 906 - Geheim! Handbuch f端r U-Bootskommandanten - Secret! Handbook for the U-Boat Commanders.
From 1942, this was a secret classified manual. When to surface, when to dive, when to stay up or down, periscope use,
posting lookouts, how to deal with approaching aircraft, weather conditions, attack techniques, evasion techniques,
lots of very interesting details about what to do as the commander of a U-Boat.
This manual was originally about 100 pages with wide margins, slightly reformatted and with lesser margins to make it 79 pages.
All text, no illustrations. A very unique look at the U-Boat world.
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Table of Contents --- Preliminary Remarks

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Correct Marching Germany - WW2 Era - Denckler Manual - Richtig Marschieren
Correct Marching, and all that thereto applies. If you march, you must do it correctly, of course.
SA, SS, and military marching discussed in detail.
One interesting item is on how to pack your gear.
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Original Cover --- Table of Contents --- pages 4, 5

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Stretcher Bearer Instruction Manual - WW2 Military Issue
Ausbildungsvorschrift fur Krankentrager und Sanitatskompanien
Instruction Manual for the Stretcher Bearer and Medical Company.
This is not a first aid manual, rather it explains the duties of the stretcher bearers and their helpers.
It tells how recovering wounded takes place, how the stretcher bearer groups operate, and how the wounded are carried around obstacles
back to the troop dressing station. 32 pages, with 24 illustrations.
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Original Cover --- pages 4, 5 --- page 16 --- page 24

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