Pasco Coins Books Military Manuals* For Sale as of 04/14/2015

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1st Area is Manuals for Reenactors & Historical Interest
Want to use English translated manuals and learn how it should be done.
Manuals in this area cover almost everything that a Reenactor should know.
Some samples - well there is material on Marching, to how to correctly pack your pack, cooking manuals, And More and More.
If you do Reenacting then you really will need to check this are out.
***** Several manuals added to this area *****

2nd Area is Rifles and Pistols Manuals from around the World.
This section has manuals for the following
Rifles --- Includes the G-43, K98k, 98a, 98b, Gew98, KKW, Insert Barrel 24, and VG-1
Pistols --- Includes the Artillery [Long] Luger, Luger, P38, PPK, Sauer & Sohn, Mauser Pistol, and Dreyse Pistol
***** Several manuals added to this area *****
Lots of them are coming, All in English. Lots of great pictures.

3rd Area is Military Machine Gun Manuals from around the World.
This section has manuals for the following MG42, MG34, MG-08, MG-08/15, MG-15, MG-13, RPD, PK series, RPK, and more.
Lots of them, All in English. Lots of great pictures.
***** Over 50 items in this area so far *****

4th Area is Machine Pistols and Automatic Rifles Manuals from around the World.
Includes the AK-47, AK74, MP38/40, MP18.I, MP28-II, Erma, Flare Pistol, FG-42, MG(ZB)-26 & 30, MP44,StG. 58, G3, and MKb 42H
Just started this area. There will be lots of them, All in English with lots of great pictures.

5th Area is the Military Posters area.

* I am happy to say that I am working with a friend of mine in this area. We are working with Author and Translator John Baum and handling his fine line of manuals. John has worked long and hard in his field to give us the chance to offer a great line of manuals. Thanks John for your permission to sell your great line of Books and Manuals.

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