Pasco Coins Books For Sale as of 04/14/2015

Pasco Coins Books And Manuals For Sale as of 04/14/2015

Our Physical store is normally open Monday thru Friday 11 to 5 Eastern. Telephone: 727-869-1121
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1st Area is Nautical Books , Ships, How to Build them, Drawnings, AOS books, Sea Stories, and more

2nd Area is Military Manuals from around the World.
Reenacting everything from Marching, to how to Repair Weapons, to a
Secert German Sub Commanders Handbook, and how to feed an Army Cook Books. All in English. Posters also.
***** Over 60 items in this area so far *****

3rd Area is Modeling Books.
In this area you will find Books about Modeling (other than Nautical) Airplanes, Tanks and more.
We are dealers for the Ospray Book line and can obtain them if we do not have them in stock.
And many other Modeling books to help out the modelier.

4th Area is a Everything Else area at this time.
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